Summer School

2018-2019 Summer School of the International Finance Master Program at the Turkish-German University:


  • During the visit of the European Central Bank (ECB), which took place in Frankfurt in the morning, first the section about the promotion visitors of the ECB was visited and later a presentation was given by the staff member of the ECB about banking supervision. In the presentation, the supervisory powers, duties and the scope of these tasks are described in detail in the Euro zone banking system of the ECB.
  • In the afternoon, the Deutsche Börse (the Frankfurt Stock Exchange) in Frankfurt was visited. First, a brief presentation about trading operations in the Market Supervision was given by Erkan Sas. Afterwards, staff members of the Deutsche Börse have given presentations about several topics. The first presentation about “Introduction into the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and Deutsche Börse Group” was given by Max Ebner. Then, Deutsche Börse’s venture ecosystem has been explained to the visitors by Peter Fricke. In the following presentation given by Marco Popp “The impact of European Regulations on change processes of regulated Exchanges” has been explained. In the next presentation, the role of FMIs for Financial Markets and possible impacts of Brexit on financial markets were described in detail. In the last presentation, Gert Hartung gave explanation about Blockchain, distributed ledger technologies and crypto currencies from the perspective of market infrastructure. The importance of these technologies was described in terms of possible application areas and financial markets.         


  • The German Central Bank (Deutsche Bank) was visited before noon. Here, an informational presentation on central banking, monetary policy and the German Central Bank was given. Then, the students and academics of the IF Program visited The Money Museum in the Deutsche Bank.
  • In the afternoon, the group has travelled from Frankfurt to Halle via trains.


  • In the morning session, in Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg Prof. Dr. Martin Klein, who is the coordinator of the International Finance Master program in Germany, made a presentation on international trade. Then, Dr. Semih Çekin, a professor of the IF Program, presented his published article.
  • In the afternoon, the first presentation was made by Dr. Levent Yılmaz, where his work on the salary difference between men and women was explained. Later, students in the IF Program gave presentations about their masters’ theses.


  • Before the noon, the city of Leipzig and its historical places were visited, which have a significance role in the start of the Peace Revolution, which led to the collapse of the Berlin wall.
  • In the afternoon, a visit to the BMW factory in Leipzig was held. Various production facilities have been visited at the factory, and in particular, the production of carbon fibre parts used in electronic vehicles and the production facilities and production line of BMW i3 cars have been shown to visitors.


  • Before noon, the group visited the Turkish Embassy in Berlin. A promotional meeting was held here with Mr. Ali Ihsan Izbul, the undersecretary of the embassy, and Mr. Mehmet Randy, the trade chief counsel, where students, academicians and embassy officials have exchanged ideas in the form of questions and answers.
  • In the evening, the group visited the Reichstag buildings in Berlin.